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And when you get there, let yourself stay…


If January and February feel like a deep dark well, come for two nights, not one, and we’ll be your fairy-lights in the gloom.

It’s easier than ever: book for one night and the second night, is just £99.

You don’t even have to prove you’ve earned it; everyone has.

One night’s nice, two’s more like it.

To book – call +44 (0) 1225 447 928 or email: reservations@thequeensberry.co.uk


The £99 room is subject to availability, on any date in January and February other than Fridays, Saturdays and Valentine’s Day.


This new year, stay the same.

Resist the din insisting you reinvent yourself, just because it’s 1.1.17, not 31.12.16.
If it was good enough yesterday, chances are it’ll work tomorrow too.

Our Gourmet Dining Package, for example, was spectacular five minutes before Auld Lang Syne and still is.
Those of you savvy enough to sort yourself a free Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday can land a Superior Room,
free parking and a leisurely run at Chris Cleghorn’s amazing seasonal tasting menu and wine pairings: all for £160 per person.

Exactly. Don’t go changing.


Help us end the injustice of day discrimination now

Our equal-opportunities kitchen refuses to discriminate based on the day of the week. Dinner on a Tuesday is no less spectacular than one eaten on a Saturday.

That’s why The Queensberry thoroughly encourage a second look at midweek dates; we’re taking a stand for the less considered, sometimes frowned-upon days. Quite apart from a Superior Room, a full breakfast and free parking, our Gourmet Dining Package also offers Chris Cleghorn’s seasonal tasting menu at The Olive Tree and wine pairings, all for £160 per person if you come on a Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The finest meals from the best ingredients, all week long: who’s with us?

To book, simply call 01225 447928, or click ‘BOOK ONLINE’ in the top right of this page.

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Putting the I into VIP…

Important? Well, of course, we’d like to think all our guests are. But given that those with a VIP card currently pay 10% less for dinner at The Olive Tree Restaurant, receive 20% off cocktails, and get a generous 50% off parking, we think the I could equally stand for Informed, Intelligent or Insightful.

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